Exclusive Buying Agent for Lee and Man Paper
  • State of Art Facilities Produce High Quality Container Board

  • Largescale, onsite, water treatment plant conserves water while providing essential packaging needs

  • State of Art Facility and Well-qualified Team

  • World Class Operation

  • Lee and Man Ports

  • Recycled Paper, Preserve Trees

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What We Source:


OCC of various subgrades constitute the majority of our demand

Mixed Paper (both Soft and Hard mix)


ONP, SRPN, Flyleaf, Section

High Grades

SOP, Coated Book

1.5 million tons per year

Recycled Paper


SEA countries

300 +

Happy Suppliers

LALB, OAK, NJ, Chi..

Across U.S. Ports

Our Major Markets

After China closed door to recycled paper, we shifted our focus to Southeast Asia countries.

The ASEAN region is expected to be the new "World Factory".  We go where our customers are and setup ambitious growth plan to meet the packaging and consumer products needs within the region and beyond. 

International Trade is booming, with young population and rigorous economic activities.

More than buying

We offer various trade terms, including FAS ports or ramp, EX-works, Transload and CNF, depending on supplier needs and unique strength.  

Deliver to Richport 

Conveniently located right next to the Port of Long Beach, Richport services the suppliers who wish to deliver on flatbeds or trailers. 


For suppliers who wish to simplify the process and focus on movement, we offer Ex-works terms and commit to steady pickup, on schedule. 

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For queries, give us a call

As mill buyer, we wish to be your reliable market, month after month, year after year.  We look forward to long and mutually beneficial partnership between our mills and hundreds of suppliers in the North America.